Utah County voters say ‘no’ to Prop 9

Proposition 9 did not pass in the Nov 3 general election. (Kaela Cleary)

Utah County’s proposition 9 did not pass in the Nov. 3 election, with 59.29% of voters vetoing the measure as of Nov. 4.

The failed proposition would have restructured Utah County government from a three-member commission to a mayor-council format with a county mayor and five council members.

Utah County Commissioner Bill Lee said he was “elated” when he saw the results.

“It was reflective of what we were seeing and feeling throughout the county. So just fantastic and down here at our watch party everyone is pretty excited about it,” Lee said.

Lee said he had been concerned it wasn’t an ongoing discussion that many citizens of Utah County were having, but the voice of the people came through the polls. 

“The people have spoken and said in a pretty resounding way, we want to stay with a three member commission. I think for us we had felt that and we were hoping it was going to break that way. It’s hard to tell for sure; you’re always nervous,” Lee said. 

Lee said he hopes everyone in Utah County can respect what’s happened, move forward and be productive. “It is time for us and for Utah County to come together and go forward with what we want and what the people have (decided).”

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