BYU students find positives from the pandemic


With all of the disappointments that have come with COVID-19, BYU students have found ways to find the positives during the pandemic.

Students especially have experienced life-changing adjustments because of COVID-19. Learning has completely shifted to online platforms and many jobs have their employees working from home.

Having a social life as a student has become harder during this time. The term “social distancing” is now used almost daily. Sporting events, parties and other social gatherings have been canceled. Students don’t have the same social interactions that they used to.

Weddings went from large celebrations to small ceremonies with few family members. Funerals were socially distanced with only the closest relatives, and many family vacations were canceled due to COVID-19.

With all of the canceled plans and disappointments from the pandemic, it can be hard to be positive see the silver lining through it all.

“COVID turned out to be a blessing for me, even though at first it didn’t feel like it. I came home early from my mission by three months. If I didn’t come home early, I wouldn’t have been able to tryout for the BYU cheer team. I made the team, and it has been such a blessing to my life,” Gavan Allan said.

BYU sophomore Bailey Beaird got to see her brother in-between their missions when she would have not seen him for three and a half years.

Lauren Harker said the pandemic made her appreciate each moment of her wedding day more fully.

Ryanne Hellbusch said she found a greater appreciation for her good job and for a close family during a stressful time.

“I was able to spend more time with my husband and with my newborn baby. We had a lot of bonding time as a family which was very special,” BYU athletic trainer Demi Perkinson said.

“I spent more time at home with my family, and I was able to strengthen my relationships with them,” BYU junior Brynli Swallow said.

“I learned how to be more patient,” sophomore Heidi Bates said.

With all of the disappointments and unknowns that have resulted from COVID-19, BYU students are able to find the silver lining through it all.

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