Police Beat: Aug. 17- 24



Criminal Mischief

Aug. 18 – A vehicle parked in the north parking lot of the Wilkinson Student Center was scratched in several places.


Aug. 18 – A transient intended to camp in his car at the Y-trailhead parking lot.



Aug. 19 – An unlawful entry burglary into a commercial building occurred on 400 East.

Aug. 20 – A burglary occurred in a storage shed on 1150 South.

Aug. 20 – An unlawful entry burglary into a residence occurred on 610 North.

Aug. 21 – A forced entry burglary occurred in a commercial building on North State Street.


Aug. 23 – A strong arm robbery occurred on Moon River Drive.


Aug. 20 – Troy Williams Wardle of Provo was arrested under suspicion of theft by receiving stolen property after police allegedly found him in possession of a stolen vehicle used during the burglary of an apartment complex. During the burglary, Wardle and another suspect stole a television, which Wardle sold at a pawn shop.

Sexual Assault

Aug. 17 – An individual was sexually assaulted near 1060 East.

Aug. 19 – An individual was sexually assaulted near 500 East.

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