What will the Testing Center look like Fall Semester?


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The Testing Center is opening for Fall Semester for the first time since it closed in March, but some things will look a little different.

Bryan Bradley, associate director for BYU’s Center for Teaching and Learning, said the Testing Center’s practices and services will, for the most part, resume as they were before the pandemic.

However, there will be reduced seating capacity to accommodate physical distancing and the center has plans to clean and sanitize desks and other areas where individuals touch equipment, doors and other surfaces, according to Bradley.

“We will do our best to clean student desks after each student leaves the desk and before the next student takes that seat,” Bradley said. The Testing Center is also updating its employee training to implement these new practices into daily operations.

The Testing Center has made a few adjustments for Fall Semester, but its operations will return to normal for the most part on Aug. 1. (Photo illustration by Addie Blacker)

Bradley said at times during Fall Semester, the Testing Center lines might appear to be longer due to physical distancing requirements, but he doesn’t anticipate that there will be significant increases to wait times.

“The biggest change at the Testing Center and at BYU in general is a heightened awareness that it is up to all of us to be good community members and to do our part to keep each other and ourselves safe,” Bradley said.

He said members of the BYU community should wear face coverings and be courteous with physical distancing where needed and instructed. “We hope to model good citizenship and to provide a testing environment that is secure and safe for students.”

Bradley said the Testing Center will move forward with implementing the critical lessons learned during this time, like appropriate physical distancing, sanitation, effective and consistent test proctoring, and improved coordination with faculty members. 

Faculty can begin scheduling their tests for Fall Semester starting on Aug. 1. Bradley said the demand for testing at the Testing Center doesn’t usually start for about one to two weeks into the semester, although technically tests could start being administered on the first day of the semester.

“With the current unknowns regarding administrative decisions due to COVID-19 concerns, there may be adaptations to scheduling and actual testing practices,” Bradley said.

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