Photo Story: Students protest CES statement about Honor Code

    Written and compiled by Universe staff with photography from Hannah Miner and Preston Crawley


    Over 100 BYU students gathered outside the Wilkinson Student Center on March 4 to protest the recent CES statement on the Honor Code changes.

    BYU Police Sergeant Rich Christianson said he monitored the protests and that it was “pretty peaceful, pretty mellow.” The department has not received any complaints of violence.

    There was at least one heated outburst, however. During a moment of silence, one man started to loudly read The Family: A Proclamation to the World, upsetting multiple people in the crowd. One woman attempted to physically remove the man, but others in the crowd encouraged her not to touch the counter-protester.

    Much of the protest consisted of walking demonstrations, chants like “Let the gays date” and singing of Primary songs as well as various handmade signs.

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