First Presidency announces adjustments in temple ceremonial clothing


The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Friday announced adjustments to the sacred ceremonial clothing worn in Latter-day Saint temples.

“These clothing adjustments do not change temple doctrine or symbolism but are designed to enhance members’ experience in the temple and make the ceremonial clothing easier to put on, care for, and afford,” according to the letter.

“The adjustments include a simpler design for the veil and robe, removing the plastic insert from the cap and the tie from the cap and veil, and using a more durable fabric for the robe, cap, and sash so that they last longer and are easier to care for,” an information sheet accompanying the letter says. “The robe, cap, sash, and envelope will be made of the same material. The apron will not be changed.”

The new ceremonial clothing will be available beginning March 31.

Members may choose to continue using their current ceremonial clothing or use the new simplified items when they are available. Temple ceremonial clothing purchased from December 1 through March 30 can be exchanged for the new style of clothing until June 30.

 For additional information, see “Improving Our Temple Experience” or go to

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