The Wick Lab lights up Provo


Provo is home to dozens of unique small businesses.  The Wick Lab opened up about a month ago, and it is a place where visitors can pour their own candles. 

Bailie Cruze and her husband opened up The Wick Lab this past December as a way for Utahans to unleash their creativity in the form of candles.

“We are a candle-making business. You walk into our store and we have a wall of over a hundred fragrances,” says Cruze. 

Cruze has quite the scent collection. Candlemakers can choose from an array of scents like fruit slices, cotton candy and even bacon! 

The Wick Lab is just one of the 25 small business stores that has opened in Utah Valley this last year. The Small Business Administration says that Provo’s rapid growth, supportive government and skilled college population makes it an especially great city for start-ups. 

“Provo has been such a welcoming community,” Cruze said. “We have had so many people reach out with like, ‘Let’s collaborate. I love this idea, let’s do this, let’s do that,’”

With the support of the Provo community behind it, The Wick Lab is now able to make all of your wildest candle dreams come true.

The first step in this DIY process is to get sniffing and write down all of the scents you fancy. Next, a Wick Lab employee will help you pair your fragrance oils. Then you set your wick in the jar and mix the fragrance with hot wax. Once everything is incorporated, you pour the wax into your candle and top it off with a personal label. 

To learn more about The Wick Lab you can visit

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