BYU clarifies homepage mishap

A screenshot of the from the morning of Jan 7. shows a mishap resulting in the BYU Hawaii logo being displayed on the homepage of the website. (Ben Daniels)

A surprising accident, in which BYU’s signature blue was covered by an upsetting red, occurred on the BYU home page on Tuesday.

The BYU-Hawaii logo was mistakenly placed prominently on the BYU-Provo homepage, obscuring the BYU-Provo emblem. The website was viewed by multiple amused spectators before being quickly corrected.

BYU Director of Online Communications Joe Hadfield said the logo placement was the result of an accident rather than hacking.

“BYU-Hawaii and BYU partner with the same company for web publishing. Someone who was authorized to make a change in the system simply made it in the wrong place,” he said.

While not a result of Russian hacking or juvenile pranks, the short-lived mishap provided an entertaining sight for viewers.

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