Thanksgiving Day condominium fire displaces Provo residents

A fire at North Canyon Condominiums displaced over 80 residents on Thanksgiving Day. The fire occurred on Nov. 28 at about 7:30 a.m. No one was injured, but experts estimate $3 to 4 million dollars in damage. (Provo Fire and Rescue Department)

Over 80 residents have been displaced as the result of a fire that took place in the North Canyon Condominiums on Thanksgiving day.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but it was most likely started by an electrical issue in the attic, according to Provo Fire and Rescue.

Tenant Eva Farley found out about the fire on Thanksgiving morning. Eva Farley went home for Thanksgiving and woke up to a roommate’s phone call, asking if she knew that their apartment was on fire.

“I was shocked because we had just gotten our apartment fixed,” Eva Farley said.

There’s an estimated $3 to 4 million cost in structural damage, according to a tweet from Provo Fire and Rescue. Of the 48 units in the building, 10 units were completely lost. The condominiums housed Young Single Adults, newly married couples and young families.

Mike Bateman, a bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said that as soon as he heard about the fire, he immediately went to the shelter — a church building located across the street from the LaVell Edwards Stadium — where the residents had gone for safety.

“I was at the shelter until late morning, early afternoon,” Bateman said. “We have about 14 Young Single Adults members who live there. About half of our members had gone home for Thanksgiving and half were there when the fire started.”

Bateman said many people left that day with neighbors, friends and other family members. The west side of the condominium building was more affected than the east side. Authorities are unsure when residents will be able to move back in.

Until then, residents like Eva Farley have found places to live with family members nearby.

Condominium owner Kristi Farley owns a condominium with her husband on the first floor of the building.

The cause of the fire is unknown, however, Provo Fire and Rescue suspects the fire started in the attic from an electrical issue. (Provo Fire and Rescue Department)

Although their condominium did not suffer from fire damage, the water damage to their condominium was determinantal. Kristi Farley explained this is because fire hoses were pumping gallons and gallons of water into the building and everything caved down into their condominium.

Kristi Farley went to see the damage on Dec. 2 as well as to salvage anything she could. With a firefighter escort, Kristi Farley salvaged some clothes and a few other kitchen appliances.

“Everything was soaking wet, the carpet is drenched and the roof of the balcony is hanging,” Kristi Farley said. “it’s just completely gone.”

Although there has been no announcement of rebuilding plans, Kristi Farley and Bateman said they believe it will be months before rebuilding begins.  

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