Provo City announces completed Cougar Boulevard construction


Construction on Cougar Boulevard, formerly known as Bulldog Boulevard, is complete as of this past week. According to a Provo City press release, improvements include a buffered bicycle lane, reconstructed sidewalks, replaced roadway asphalt and a new traffic signal at 400 West. Additional improvements can be found at Provo City’s website.

The press release stated that the changes will allow for easier access to the hospital as well as food and shopping. Changes to the landscaping will also “make traveling along the corridor a more beautiful and enjoyable experience.”

According to Provo City’s website detailing the construction of Cougar Blvd., the purpose of the changes is to reduce car and bicycle crashes.

“Bulldog Boulevard has a severe crash rate that is 7.5 times higher than the statewide average for similar roadways. There are also a significant number of bicycle crashes because of a lack of adequate bicycle facilities,” said the city website prior to construction.

BYU freshman Hannah Seastrand shared her thoughts on the completed construction.

“I am relieved because it was really annoying trying to work around that and drive around that,” she said.

However, she also shares concern about trying to navigate around the new median running down the middle of the road.

“I know they did that to make it more safe and whatnot — which is good,” Seastrand said. “But also, it’s kind of annoying when you’re trying to turn left and you can’t.”

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