Local Meat Shop Turkey Tips


Salt Lake City — Thanksgiving is just a week away and stores across the country are all-hands-on deck in preparation. And so are a few locals’ favorite butchers in Salt Lake City.

Snider Bros Meats is a fifth-generation store owned now by Amy and Will Wilson. A legacy within the family and for good reason, people from all over the state find their way here in search of the perfect slab or cut of meat. And at this time of year, as Amy said, “The phones start ringing early in the morning and won’t stop till closing tonight,” is no different.

Well, almost. This time of year people are in search of the perfect turkey.

Two words that go hand in hand are turkey and Thanksgiving. And the Wilsons shared some of their best turkey tips. They received over 1,300 turkey requests, and they expect even more as last-minute plea phone calls are placed.

Amy said that in her opinion, “It’s all about the rub.” She said she has been making her famous meat and turkey rub for years and started Thanksgiving prep for this a month ago.

But unanimously the best tip they had — “Timing! It is all about the timing of how long you should give yourself to cook your turkey.”

Their advice on what to use to tell when your turkey has fully cooked? A meat thermometer, not a store-bought cook-in turkey pop up. They said a common mistake they too have made is thinking you gave yourself enough time to cook the turkey.

To all you turkey lovers — hang on, hold tight and let that turkey cook right. And of course, enjoy!

For more tips on turkey prep and ways to cook your bird — the Wilsons love to smoke their turkey — you can head over to their website, sniederbrosmeats.com

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