Winter Weather Affects Construction


PROVO — A little taste of winter came a few weeks ago to Utah, and while construction crews were prepared, the snow still caused issues. During unexpected snowstorms, most construction projects come to a halt when workers are unable to drive to the job site or work safely. Extreme low temperatures can also compromise worker safety, forcing site managers to stop construction.

Several construction projects are still underway across the city, and the winter weather is on its way. With the winter weather approaching, construction projects are getting ready to put their work on a standstill.

“Basically it just shuts down our operation. It was about -7 degrees here and we were getting close to pouring concrete. This heavily impacted the pouring concrete and laying product, as they are both temperature sensitive,” said Chad Sauer the construction manager at Skyridge Development. 

Overall snowfall in Utah can delay construction projects for up to three months, on top of trying to fix all of the damages from early snow storms, crews are still trying to make sure they are ready to go for the real snow that is approaching Utah. 

So no matter what, construction crews are always at work, and at the end of the day their biggest priority is making sure that everyone stays safe.

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