Turkey Time for Thanksgiving


WEST JORDAN — Gobble gobble! It’s that time of year and people are already thinking about where to buy their main course for Thanksgiving dinner. And if it’s your year to host Thanksgiving, we know where you can buy fresh, pastured turkey for the holiday season. 

At Utah Natural Meat in West Jordan, you can buy locally raised turkeys. In fact, owner of Utah Natural Meat, Shayn Bowler, said, “We’re about the only farm around that has pastured turkeys, so a lot of people will come here and get a turkey.”

If you’re staying up to date with the latest health crazes, “non-gmo” and “locally grown” are buzzwords you should be familiar with. So, if you’re really looking for fresh options this Thanksgiving, Utah Natural Meat has you covered. 

Shayn, his wife Kristen, and their children are the fifth generation to run the farm and store. Customers can purchase anything from raw, unpasteurized milk to several different cuts of meat. 

And yes, that includes turkey. 

“We’ll sell right around 300 turkeys for Thanksgiving,” Shayn shared. 

Because the demand is so high, Shayn and Kristen raise about 500 turkeys for the holidays. Now, they’re down to 26. So, be sure to get your turkey before they’re gone! 

If you’re wanting to pick up a fresh bird — or you just want to tour the farm, take a cheese class, etc. — you can visit the farm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. For more information, just check out http://www.utahnaturalmeat.com/

Bye bye, turkeys. 

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