Homecoming week brings celebration, performances


Homecoming week has always been full of events, and this year, BYU students were able to participate in various activities and show their school spirit. 

A fast-paced assembly took the place of the usual devotional on Oct. 15. Administrative leaders presented the Homecoming theme, and performances from several groups were on exhibition.

Emma Beckstead, a student working towards her master’s degree in English, said she attended the assembly with the intention of celebrating homecoming. She enjoyed watching the BYU Dunk Team perform and was looking forward to attending other homecoming events. 

BYU student Austin Russon said he wasn’t aware that the assembly would be anything out of the ordinary and was expecting a regular devotional. However, he said he enjoyed the assembly and looked forward to other events, like hiking the Y.

On October 16, students visiting the library were able to hold a first edition of the Book of Mormon after waiting in a long line. Staff members from the BYU Special Collections department were on hand to prep visitors and make sure that they used proper procedures when handling the book. 

Ryan Lee, a Special Collections staff member, deemed the event to be a great success.

Participants hold a first edition Book of Mormon (Madison Everett)

“It was such a joy to see the excitement on people’s faces as they got to hold these special pieces of our Church’s early history, even bringing some to tears of joy. As one of the curators who got to interact with them, I loved being able to share with people the significance of these otherwise quite plain-looking old books,” Lee said.

Provo community lines up to hold a first edition Book of Mormon. (Madison Everett)

The BYU Student Association put on noonday activities on Wednesday and Thursday, where students were able to participate in rock climbing and inflatable sumo wrestling in Brigham Square. In the evening, events like the Final Cut Film Festival and OcTUBAfest were held. These allowed students and other spectators to view the work of those in the media arts and music department. 

Viewers enjoy The Final Cut Film Festival at BYU, which shows and celebrates a variety of student made films on October 18, 2019.

For many, the highlight of the week was the BYU Spectacular, which featured performances from musicians Ben Rector and Hilary Weeks, as well as BYU performing groups. Roxanne Crandall, a pre-nursing major, went to the Spectacular to support a friend in the Cougarettes. 

“It was seriously so beautiful it brought me to tears,” Crandall said. 

Ben Rector performs “Men Who Drive Me Places” during Friday night’s Spectacular. (Hannah Miner)

Estelle Robbins, who has yet to decide her major, also went to the Spectacular with her friends. Robbins said her favorite part was watching the BYU Dunk Team, as well as the opening and closing numbers where BYU dance groups performed with Rector and Weeks.

Saturday saw the Cougar 5k Run, and the homecoming football game, in which BYU beat Boise State 28-25.

Jared Murphy crosses the Cougar Run finish line. (Emma Johnson)

Homecoming week may be over, but it definitely got the school year off to a great start. 

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