Police Beat: Sept. 16 — 22




Sept. 19 — A student’s missing wallet was discovered in the Joseph F. Smith Building after the student left class for the night.

Sept. 18 — A professor had posted items taken from her bulletin board outside her office in the Joseph F. Smith Building.

Sept. 16 — A phone was reported stolen from the student weight room in the Smith Field House. The victim was able to track her phone and Campus Police located the phone in a different location in the weight room.

Sept. 17 — A possible burglary was attempted between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. at the lot near the Joseph Smith Building. A student returned to his vehicle after the campus devotional and found evidence of a possible attempted vehicle burglary. Nothing was reported missing.


Sept. 17 — A student at Wymount Terrace received and responded to a phishing scam email, potentially compromising her identity.

Sept. 16 — An attempted extortion took place at Heritage Halls when a student received text messages telling them to send money or compromising photographs of the individual would be posted online.



Sept 19 — A bear was spotted wandering the streets of Orem Wednesday morning until it climbed a tree in front of the Orem Police Station.

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