Social media analytics show explosive interest in BYU Honor Code controversy


    Social media sites began buzzing with Honor Code conversations when the Instagram page Honor Code Stories went viral on Monday, April 1.

    Honor Code Stories and its movement “to promote positive change” within the Honor Code Office has also garnered attention from media outlets across the state.

    Social media analytics show the discussion about the Honor Code has erupted over the past week:

    • Students at BYU are posting approximately 40 times per day about the Honor Code from campus.
    • Instagram conversation on the BYU campus shows a 250% increase in conversation, posts and stories about the Honor Code.
    • #ReformTheCode is the 11th most popular hashtag used on the BYU campus right now.
    • Estimated reach of the Honor Code conversation on social media is 4.5 million.
    • 27 articles and news stories have been written about the Honor Code in the last two weeks. Those news stories were shared a cumulative 8,490 times on social media for an estimated viewership of more than 1 million additional viewers and readers.
    • 89.1% of all posts about the Honor Code were negative in tone with conversation about the Honor Code, in general, up 1,300% over last year. Last year, posts about the Honor Code were 75% negative.
    • Search volume for the BYU Honor Code has quadrupled in the last two weeks.
    • The Honor Code is being searched in 36 states.
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