Police Beat: Feb. 19 – March 5



Criminal mischief

Feb. 13 — An individual reported seeing a person dump a drink on a vehicle after jaywalking.


Feb. 13 — An individual reported receiving an email threatening to post photos of the individual viewing pornography unless they paid the email sender.


Feb. 15 — Officers responded to a report of people playing on the stadium field. The people were escorted off by officers.


Feb. 16 — An individual reported they were yelled at for speaking a language besides English to the referee.


Feb. 18 — An individual reported their jacket disappearing during an event.

Feb. 18 — An individual reported theft of a child’s bike in the Wyview Park area.

Feb. 19 — An individual reported their bike was stolen from the Helaman Hall racks. Later the individual reported they had found the bike.


Feb. 19 — An individual reported receiving an email threatening to disclose personal information unless a large amount of money was paid.

Child abuse

Feb. 20 — An officer responded to a delayed report about a family member pulling on a child’s hair.



Feb. 21 — Officers have had multiple reports of people having their car windows smashed at local gyms and personal items stolen.

Feb. 21 — A woman was reported for stealing several items from Walmart after her license plate was caught on camera.

Feb. 21 — Two individuals were charged for picking up receipts in the Walmart parking lot and returning them to the store after finding the same items on the shelves.

Feb. 21 — A man was reported attempting to steal hats from a store at the mall. He offered to purchase the hats after he was caught by staff. He later returned to the store trying to exchange the hats for cash. He was then asked to empty his pockets where officers found he had stolen fishing lures.

Feb. 21 — Locks were broken off of a construction trailer where tools and other items were reported as stolen.

Feb. 21 — A man reported his motorcycle stolen from its parking spot at his apartment complex.

Feb. 21 — A woman stole car keys and wallets from lockers at the gym. She then took the cars and purchased several thousands of electronics from Target. After a brief foot pursuit, officers arrested her and she was booked into jail.

Driving under the influence 

Feb. 21 — Officers stopped a male driver after he ran a stop sign and was swerving into the left lane. The man failed to pass field sobriety tests and was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Traffic stop 

Feb. 21 — Officers stopped a car for expired registration and arrested the driver for trying to hide his identity and for the possession of meth.

Feb. 21 — Officers stopped a car for a broken headlight and found the individual had a warrant and they were booked into jail.

Feb. 21 — An officer stopped a car for expired registration and found the individual did not have a valid license or insurance and had several citations. The individual was booked into jail and her car was impounded.

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