What should you do on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day chocolates rest on a display in the BYU sweet shop. (Lexie Flickinger)

With the arrival of Feb. 14, three Daily Universe reporters compiled three lists about everything Valentine’s Day. Below, you can find 10 great gifts to give your significant other without breaking the bank, six great Provo activities to do with your friends and 11 dates to embark on with your significant other.

10 Under $10: Gifts for your significant other this Valentine’s Day

Making Valentine’s Day special on a college student’s budget can be difficult. Below are 10 gift ideas all of which are under $10 to help you show your significant other how much you care.

  1. His and hers bracelets

With a wide variety of options for colors and customizable phrases, you can tailor this gift to your relationship and your significant other’s preferences.

2. “What I Love About You” fill in journal 

Sometimes it’s hard to find the words to tell someone you love them. Luckily, this booklet contains various fill-in-the-blank pages that make it easy to express your love.

3. Matching t-shirts

These matching “Hubby” and “Wifey” t-shirts are a gift that will benefit both of you. Wear them out on a movie date or around the house together.

4. ‘Star Wars’ valentine card

(Photo courtesy of Aly Lou Cards)

What better way to bond with your significant other than over “Star Wars”? Show your loved one how you feel with this card that reads, “Yoda the love of my life.”

5. Box of chocolates

You can’t go wrong with chocolate. Order this box from Amazon or stop by your local grocery for this perfect last-minute gift.

6. ‘I pick you’ guitar pick key chain

This is a great gift idea if your significant other is into music. Not only will they have a new guitar pick, but they’ll also have a reminder of how much you love them.

7. ‘I Llove you’ pillow case 

(Photo courtesy of Qualtry)

This gift is perfect for a significant other that is into trends. This cute llama pillow featuring the quote “I Llove You” is sure to win over your trendy loved one.

8.Personalized army knife

If your valentine is into the great outdoors, this gift is a great choice. Not only is it a nice gesture, but it is also practical.

9. Personalized bar necklace

(Photo courtesy of Change and Charms)

If you want to get your girlfriend or wife a piece of jewelry but don’t want to take out a small loan to buy a nice piece from a place like Jared’s, this is a good option.

10. Personalized penny keychain

This keychain is the perfect way to take your beau on a stroll down memory lane. You can pick a penny from the year of your anniversary and your initials and anniversary date can be soldered onto the penny.

A chocolate treat on display in the BYU sweet shop. (Lexie Flickinger)

Single for Valentine’s Day? Here’s 6 things you can do with friends

Valentine’s Day does not just have to be a celebration for those in a relationship. There are plenty of things to do that will still let you have fun without requiring a special someone. Here are some of the best places to go to make sure your Valentine’s Day is one to remember.

  1. Try your hand with over 700 games at Good Move Cafe. $5 per person.

2. Prepare for your audition to The Voice at Heart and Seoul Karaoke with over 30,000 songs. $8 per person per hour.

3. Go on a blind date with a book or select a book to set someone up with at Pioneer Book. $5-$15 per book.

4. Tap into your inner child and jump on a bunch of trampolines at Lowes Xtreme Air Sports. $10 per person per hour.

5. Get your heart racing with a game of miniature croquet, a run through a giant playground and a ropes course at Provo Beach Resort. $20 day pass or two activities for $12 per person.

6. Test your sleuthing skills and see if you can escape a room at Get Out Games. $16-$22 per person.

Assorted treats on display in the BYU sweet shop. (Lexie Flickinger)

9 unique Valentine’s Day activities in Utah County for under $50

Maybe you do have a beau but no plans for Valentine’s Day. If so, here are nine things all under $50 that may interest you.

1. Treat yourself to a new hair style and a deep condition at the Paul Mitchell School in Provo, perfect for getting ready for a date or a girls night out.

2. Learn to dance with your best friends or your lifelong companion with a half-price dance class at the Provo School of the Arts.
3. Enjoy dinner and a show as the Salty Dinner Theater presents “Sleeping Beauty” at various Utah Valley restaurants throughout the month of February.
4. Enjoy a relaxing session of yoga with a twist: goats.
5. Relax with a massage on your own or with a partner.
6. Live out your “Lord of the Rings” dreams by throwing axes with your friends at Prodigious Entertainment.
7. Embark on a scavenger hunt throughout Provo organized by Operation City Quest and explore while you learn about the city’s history.
8. Experience complete rest at True REST Float Spa with a 60-minute float therapy session designed to allow relaxation with zero distraction.
9. Be pampered while doing something you’ve never done before at FishKiss Fish Spa in Provo.
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