A YouTube channel is finding a new way to share the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It’s called Saints Unscripted, formerly known as 3 Mormons, and their approach is to reach a younger audience.

Saints Unscripted was started by the show’s producer, who was able to get sponsorship from the nonprofit she works for, the More Good Foundation.

“So, she came up with the idea of having a show of actual millennials or college students answering questions about the church because that would seem a lot more relatable,” said show host, Justin Wintch. “There’s a lot of people who aren’t really comfortable with meeting with missionaries or have questions about the church and they feel a lot more comfortable going to YouTube then they would actually inviting missionaries into their home.”

Show host, Kwaku El, also added, “We’re using YouTube as a relatable way to talk about the gospel and talk about subjects that might seem difficult and talk about our culture and talk about really amazing parts of our doctrine and bear testimony of Jesus Christ.”

As far as what Saints Unscripted is willing to talk about, the range is wide.

“Everything from priesthood ban to why baptism is necessary to Provo dating culture to, you know we’ll talk about polygamy soon, seer stones, and then we also talk about things like from The Book of Mormon, like good stories,” said El.

This YouTube channel is informative and inspiring and has helped over 60 people to find or join the church, as explained by Wintch.

“We’ve had letters and e-mails sent to us from all over the world, from Germany to Latin America to Canada, and they’ve all come to us saying our show has helped them to join the church. I think that’s the biggest motivation at the end of the day is that even if one person has joined it’s all worth it but it’s really cool that more than one person has joined.”

Show host, David Snell, added, “I’ve always looked at this show as being helpful to the one, to the one person who needs it.”

To learn more, you can find Saints Unscripted on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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