BYU has many different sports teams across campus but some of them are more connected than other’s. Most of you know Football QB, Tanner Mangum, but what you may not know is that his sister Abby also plays here at BYU on the Women’s Basketball team.

Senior, Tanner Mangum, and Sophomore, Abby Mangum, both run in their own athletic circles but they are as close as siblings can be, and that started when they were young.

“It definitely happened naturally,” said Abby. “We moved when we were younger. We just moved across town, but we had to transfer schools and everything and that was a big bonding experience for us.”

Tanner was a big reason for Abby coming to BYU and he’s been extremely supportive.

Abby said, “We definitely motivate each other a lot. Coming here, he was a big factor in me coming here cause he and I have grown really close. We weren’t when we were little kids, we fought all the time, but once he got into high school and I was in junior high, he and I grew really close. So, knowing that he would be here for two years while I was here, it really impacted my decision a lot.”

Abby feels like she made the right decision to come to BYU and it’s been wonderful for her to represent the school as an athlete.

“I think because I’ve grown up with sports, it’s definitely been a part of me, and so to come here as an athlete is a dream come true for me,” Abby said.

Tanner has been an inspiration for Abby and she hopes what she’s learned from him can help her to succeed in her own life.

Abby said, “I’m just really happy that I’ve got to be here with my brother. He’s an inspiration to me and I love watching him. The way he carries himself, he carries himself so professionally and I definitely aspire to have that one day.”

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