The Armed Self Defense Institute holds concealed carry permit classes. 38 people attended the class in Payson on Tuesday night. Students in the class had positive outlooks about the instruction and information. Spencer Rands is the instructor of this class and provides all of the necessary steps to become a legal carrier.
He said, “The first step is taking a class from a certified instructor, once you’ve taken the class you need to get pictures, you need to get finger prints, and then you have to pass an FBI background check.”
The class discusses different aspects of gun handling safety, like situations that you might be put in and gun compatibility.
Rands said, “The majority of self defense shootings happen in low light conditions like nighttime.” Rands also noted it is important to get your permit so that you know the laws. So you’ll know where you can carry, where you can’t, when you are allowed to use lethal force and when you are not. During the class he said, “We’re gonna try to talk a lot about laws and when you can shoot, when you can’t, where you can carry, all that stuff will really help you with the midset of self defense.”
The students come from all different backgrounds and have their own reasoning for becoming certified.
Tara Holsman, an elementary school teacher, said, “Always since I was little I’ve just always wanted to carry. And especially now that I’m at the school, with all of the shootings at schools and things like that. It just makes me more comfortable, I have three of my own kids that go to the same school that I teach at.”
Wyatt Anderson, a loan officer, said, “But that just incase I’m that person that’s there to stop something, I want to be that person that can stop something.”
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