The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints launches another Light the World campaign!

And their special vending machines are back and open to the public for a second year. These are no ordinary vending machines, however.

Instead of getting something, give something. The Church first introduced these bright, red “Giving machines” in Salt Lake City just last year. With huge success and over half a million dollars in donations, they’ve expanded their efforts.

Greg Droubay, Media Director of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, explained, “We have a couple more machines in Salt Lake City and we’ve expanded to other locations in the United States including New York City, Gilbert, Arizona, and in Manila Philippines, and London, England internationally.”

The Church also partnered with several local and international charities. Here in Utah, the Church has teamed up with EyeCare4Kids, the Utah Food Bank, and Utah Refugee Connection.

Amy Dott Harmer, Executive Director of Utah Refugee Connection, said, “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reached out to our nonprofit, the Utah Refugee Connection, and offered this awesome opportunity to put items in their giving machines and we’re just thrilled to be a participant.”

Joseph Carbone, Founder and President of EyeCare4Kids, shared, “Last year from the donations, we were able to help 2,000 children receive eye exams and eye glasses.”

People can purchase items like food, clothing, medicine, hygiene items, and more. You can even donate a goat! The items will then be distributed all around the world.

At the giving machines, serving is made easy by the click of one button. There are so many things to choose from and anything you choose will go to a family in need.

“When you go to buy a candy bar in a vending machine, it’s usually something that gives you gratification immediately. When you come here and purchase something from these vending machines, you get an internal kind of satisfaction of knowing you helped someone else,” Harmer said.

The Light the World campaign and giving machines are completely funded by the church—meaning 100% of donations will go directly to charity, not towards operational fees.

If you have access to one of the five giving machines and plan to donate during this holiday season, be sure to use the hashtag #LightTheWorld in your social media posts and get involved with this campaign.

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