For the first time in BYU history, they have four teams ranked in the top ten.

Those teams are #9 Men’s Golf, #9 Women’s Cross Country, #2 men’s Cross Country and #1 Women’s Volleyball. Despite the great ranking, many feel that the overall feeling for BYU Sports is not very good. In a poll taken by BYU Gameday, they found that 77% of BYU fans either did not know that BYU had four top teams or felt that it didn’t matter because of football’s lack of success outweighed the smaller sport’s success.

BYU freshman, Trent Horton, said, “I’ve seen a few sports and can tell you that football and basketball are the biggest sports from what I have seen.”

This season, the football team is 5-5,  but BYU Cross Country runner, Michael Otterson, thinks that instead of getting down, fans should support the other BYU teams. He said, “If you want to have some school pride and you aren’t find that with football and basketball come support the others teams that are succeeding.” He also said that even though the team has had two races here in Provo, the attendance has been really low this season.

BYU Associate Athletic Director Duff Tittle believes that even having four teams in the top 25 would be a huge accomplishment and four in the top ten would be amazing. He said, “I think you could look across the country and not find another school that has four teams in the top 25.”

He is right. Currently in the nation, there are no teams that have four teams ranked in the top 10 outside of BYU. Outside of the four schools currently ranked in the top 10, BYU has had three other teams find themselves in the top 25 this semester which is also a record.

BYU Football was ranked in the top 25 for two weeks in September,  BYU Men’s Swim and Dive was ranked 23rd in early October, and the BYU Women’s Soccer team found themselves 24th in the final regular season rankings.

Peter Kuest, who is individually ranked number four in the nation, believes that a lot of the success comes with just believing. The men’s golf team has already finished their season, both cross country teams finish their season tomorrow in the ncaa championships, and the women’s volleyball team has three more games before they start the NCAA Tournament.

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