BYUSA clubs are hosting a week filled with love and service.

All clubs get to choose its own charity to raise money for, such as the Red Cross and Make a Wish.

“I want them to feel a little bit more connected with the outside world. I feel that BYU is often its own little isolated bubble, we do our own thing, we live our own little lives and it’s great. But we often fail to see the larger picture of what’s goes on outside of campus. And this is how we can reach outside of our own often privileged sphere and give back to those who don’t quite have as much,” said Jay Rollins, vice president of BYUSA Clubs.

Jacob Luddington, a member of the fly fishing club, says Care Week is a great way to come together as students and do something good for society.

“The purpose of this is to raise money for a program called project healing waters, which is a program that teaches wounded veterans how to fly fish for recreational therapy. As they come home, they have a lot of adjustments to make. It’s a cool program. We love to fly fish, and so we want to help other people learn how to fly fish,” Luddington said.

From devotionals to dance classes, each student will have the opportunity to learn something new for an important cause.

The convert club hosted a fireside and decided the money would go to hurricane Michael that took place earlier this year.

“Care week to me means service, like where we are able to help people in need and kind of give back to the community as a university, as clubs, and as students,” said Brianna Stoker, member of BYUSA Clubs.

Care week has been a tradition at BYU for more than 14 years and takes place twice a year.

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