Pokémon Go at BYU


Pokémon Go is a smartphone mobile game that was released two years ago, and since then the game has been a staple on BYU campus.

“I’m a big Pokémon fan, and I also love the interactions you can have around campus; just how many people are playing it and how many people you can meet,” said Parker Pixton, a finance major.

“It’s always funny because you can tell when someone’s playing Pokémon Go, especially if you know what it is. Basically if you see someone swirling [their finger around on their phone screen], they’re trying to catch Pokémon,” said Becca Crandall, a business strategy major.

The game works by downloading the Pokémon Go app for iPhone or Android, making a character, and walking around to encounter little monsters in the virtual world.

The game uses augmented reality to place these Pokémon in the real world around you. So wherever you are, there might be a Pokémon next to you.

Daily, in-game events known as raids can attract anywhere between twenty to eighty faculty and students as they try to battle and capture a stronger Pokémon. Because of these daily events, players frequently interact and it creates friendships on campus.

Because Pokémon Go encourages walking and an active lifestyle, playing may be good for a player’s health.

Dr. Ramon Zabriskie, a Professor of experience design and management for the Marriott School of Management gave his feelings on the benefits. “More specific in terms of therapeutic recreation, we use experiences like Pokémon Go and other things as a treatment intervention to bring about a change.”

When you’re playing Pokémon Go at BYU, you know that you’ve “gotta catch’em all”.

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