David Young said, “It was exciting for sure, probably the best time smashing stuff I have ever had.”

The smash room is the only one of its kind in Utah, where you can turn your rage to destruction.

For a minimum of ten dollars, customers get up to thirty minutes to break anything they want. Customers have to sign a waiver, wear a suit, hat, glove and goggles to enter the smash room.

Owner of Phat Axe, Nate Stutz, said, “I want them to feel good, to feel happy. They come in here and the colors and the atmosphere already kind of lighten your spirit, but after you start breaking things, destroying things around you kind of have a little bit of an euphoria. You just feel good, and then you leave having a better night.”

At Phat Axe smash room, you can smash whatever you want from bottles to home appliances with different type of materials, such as baseball bats or hammers.

Not only does Stutz clean it up, he makes sure the leftovers get recycled. He said, “We’ve had customers emptying out there garage. We even had people stopping by a thrift store and picking up a bunch of things that they they wanted to destroy on the way here, and they bring those in.”

The smash room is for all ages but requires an adult if under 18 years old.

Yajaira Lopez drove straight from work to Phat Axe to destress. “I’ve gotten all my energy out, and all my stress is gone.”

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