Utah Voter Turnout


According to utah.gov, Utah is ranked 39th in the nation for voter turnout.

Voting will be more convenient than ever this year. People don’t even have to leave the comfort of their own homes to cast their ballot. They can vote by mail.

Utah county clerk, Bryan Thompson, states, “In general, voter turnout varies by elections. This is what we call a general election year. We usually average 40-45% in the turnout.” General elections are held every two years. People vote for house and senate leaders from their state, as well as issues like propositions and bonds.

“So there’s lots of things, which really leads to the reason why people should have a chance to have their voice heard, ” said Thompson. Thompson also said it’s important for Utah voters to be informed voters.

To encourage more voting this year, ballots will be sent directly to the mail of registered voters where they can fill it out and send it back. The mail process will help increase voter turnout. Bryan Thompson stated, “Our lives are becoming busier and busier all the time.”

People can still have the chance to vote in person and can attend any of the designated polling locations found online at vote.utah.gov.

Much of the younger demographic has been targeted to increase interest in politics and elections.

While speaking about students responsibility to vote, political science major, Bethany Crisp, said, “It’s only fair and it’s only right that we use that opportunity that we have to vote, since it will affect us for a longer period of time.”

Bryan Thompson encouraged everyone to be active voters in their community. “Ultimately though, people just have to engage and got to take the time and vote.”

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