In a press conference earlier this week coach Kalani Sitake said he is open to any changes that will help the team to win no matter who it may involve. Coach Sitake said, “I’m open to everything, as far as change, if it will make us better…everyone will compete and we’ll see who plays on Saturday.”

Sitake faces multiple decisions before BYU’s game against Hawaii. The question that many ask is whether Sitake will start Tanner Mangum or Zach Wilson as quarterback. Fans are torn about the possible changes.

Sarah Duncan, a freshman said, “As we’re going into the end of his senior year…he definitely should start sitting down a little more, and start giving experience to the younger guy because we do have a future to look forward to.” While Tatelyn Ferguson said, “You can’t replace Tanner Mangum. Can you?”

However, though many fans do feel Sitake should replace Mangum, they voiced a common sentiment. The blame does not rest solely on Mangum. Alex Blackham, a sophomore, said, “It’s hard to just put it on tanner Mangum.” Another loyal BYU fan, Peter Midgley, said, “Tanner has made some poor decisions…for sure…he has his share of the issues, but I would not lay the bulk of the blame at the feet of tanner Mangum.”

While Mangum performed less than hoped for, the entire offensive line has struggled.

Midgley continued, “There have been plenty, plenty of dropped balls by receivers and tight ends.”

Ultimately, coach Sitake will make the decision, not the fans. He said, “Oh everything is my call, so yeah, it’ll be all of our calls but it will come down to me.”

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