Students and STAC


Many students at BYU struggle to find a balance between studying and staying in shape.

Despite the struggle with time, many still feel exercise is key to maintaining focus and energy in their studies. Selleka Simmons said, “It makes me feel a lot better. I mean I’m able to focus on schoolwork more when I’ve exercised compared to when I don’t, and I’m just happier and have more energy.”

Administrators of student wellness say STAC can help students manage stress. Glenna Padfield said it was “a relief from classes.”

While many turn to Vasa, intramurals, or Simmons said, “I also do workout videos in the morning.”

A large portion of students turn to STAC classes. Padfield said, “we have a variety of activities. We have Zumba, pilates, yoga, spin; we have basketball, volleyball.”
STAC classes used to be required, and administrators of the student wellness program feared students would no longer enroll in STAC classes once they weren’t mandatory, but they are still going strong. Padfield said, “we have about seven thousand students this semester that are taking our classes here.”

Some students, even those who enjoy the STAC classes, find it easier to work on staying in shape at home. Simmons said, “transferring between work and school there’s no time in between, and I’d have to come back so it’s just easier to do it at home.”

Despite the amount of STAC classes offered, from term to semester classes on almost every day of the week, some students struggle to make it into the classes they want.
But for those who can find the time and the class, Simmons says this – “I’d say do it, and I’d say do it with a friend.”

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