Seven Peaks acquisition leaves park’s future uncertain

Seven Peaks Water Park during the 2017 season. The water park will open under new management as Blue Island Resort. (Universe Archives)

Provo residents finish the first summer in almost 20 years without a water park, and it looks like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.

Seven Peaks Water Park released a statement on April 23 that it would be closing its Provo location. The closure was the result of Park Provo, LLC — the water park’s owner since 2016 — filing for bankruptcy.

The park will now be called Blue Island Resort, but the transition has been far from smooth.

The Blue Island Group, which acquired management of the park in May, said it was aiming for a June 15 opening as long as it could make the necessary improvements; however, the new management promised to renovate eating spaces, re-train staff members and completely re-do the slide maintenance system before opening the park.

This news made many local residents and Seven Peaks fans hopeful to continue their summer traditions in Provo. The Daily Herald reported that Blue Island Resort was aiming to open on June 15, its website had a 28-day countdown, photos, and ticket pricing.

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The vague homepage of the Blue Island Resort (

However, the water park is not open, the website is all but blank, and Blue Island Resort’s social media accounts are silent.

According to documents filed with Fourth District Court, defendants Zibalstar LC and Seven Peaks Water Park Provo are involved in a legal battle with plaintiffs Park Provo LLC and Courtside Condominiums.

Even though the lawsuit concerns properties at 530 S. 1200 West in Orem and not the Seven Peaks Water Resort location in Provo, the case and potential financial impact will affect the resort’s ability to open this summer.

The water park located on North Seven Peaks Boulevard has been functioning in Provo for almost 20 years. Despite constant financial troubles and maintenance issues, Seven Peaks managed to attract plenty of visitors to the summer hot spot each year.

The water park was included on summer deals like the “Pass of All Passes” and offered group discounts in efforts to keep attendance high.

According to the Daily Herald, the Blue Island Group entered into a management contract for two years with the current owner of Seven Peaks Water Park. The article also stated that the “Blue Island Group also entered into a second agreement with the current owner to buy the park.”

The Blue Island Group did not respond to a request to comment.

BYU student Cassie Carter said she misses having access to a water park within walking distance to her apartment and her job.

“I liked going because the season pass was cheap, the rides were fun and it was a nice way to get out in the sun but also cool down. It’s too bad that this is all happening,” Carter said.

BYU senior Forrest Quinn who lives near the park said he has noticed the lack of grounds care and is concerned about the “creepy atmosphere” and the impact these changes may have on the surrounding neighborhood.

“The grass is overgrown, and it looks completely abandoned,” Quinn said. “I’ve never seen anyone in there. It needs some serious work. I see people sneaking in all the time, lighting fireworks, going down the slides, or doing doughnuts in the parking lot. I run by it in the mornings, and I see how easy it would be to jump that fence.”

Only time will tell if this property can make a comeback following the court proceedings, but for now, Provo residents will have to find another source of aquatic fun.

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