Things you should know today: 8/1/18


Thieves steal Swedish royal jewels, escape by speedboat

In this Tuesday, July 31, 2018 photo, a discarded bicycle near the scene of a robbery at the Strangnas Cathedral, in Strangnas, Sweden. Police say thieves have stolen priceless treasures from the Swedish royal regalia, including a jeweled crown, from a cathedral where they were on display, before speeding off by motorboat. (Pontus Stenberg/TT News Agency via AP)

Two men in Sweden stole priceless crown jewels from the Strangnas Cathedral in broad daylight and fled by speedboat. The stolen items include two gold crowns and an orb made for King Karl IX and Queen Kristina, dating back to the early 1600s. The church wrote on its website that the stolen items were kept “in accordance with the prevailing safety regulations in locked and alarmed displays in the cathedral.” It gave no further details. Police are searching for the thieves but so far have not found anything. No one was hurt in the burglary.

Eiffel Tower shuts down as employees strike over ticket plan

People cool off as they walk along the fountain of Warsaw near Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, Wednesday, Aug, 1, 2018. Temperatures in Paris are forecast to reach 3O degrees C (86 F) on Wednesday. (AP Photo/Michel Euler)

Eiffel tower workers have gone on strike due to the Eiffel tower’s new visitor access policy. Since last month, the Eiffel Tower has been allowing half of its tickets to be booked in advance for scheduled entry times. The workers say the policy is responsible for “monstrous” long lines and waiting times. The strike began Wednesday and has not specified when it would end.

Survivor says Mexico plane hit burst of hail before crash

In this photo released by Red Cross Durango communications office, Red Cross workers and rescue workers carry an injured person on a stretcher, right, as airline workers, left, walk away from the site where an Aeromexico airliner crashed in a field near the airport in Durango, Mexico, Tuesday, July 31, 2018. The jetliner crashed while taking off during a severe storm, smacking down in a field nearly intact then catching fire, and officials said it appeared everyone on board escaped the flames. (Red Cross Durango via AP)

A plane that took off in northern Mexico crashed shortly after takeoff after being hit by a strong burst of wind and hail. All 99 passengers were able to safely evacuate the plane before it caught fire. About 49 people were hospitalized with injuries, and the pilot of the plane sustained severe injuries. All are expected to live.

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