BYU Young Ambassadors say ‘Welcome Home’

Dani Jardine
Jessica Jensen dances onstage during the BYU Young Ambassadors’ “Welcome Home” performance. (Dani Jardine)

The BYU Young Ambassadors performed songs both old and new in their production “Welcome Home.” The show took place March 1 through 3 at the BYU Harris Fine Arts Center.

“‘Welcome Home’ is a show that focuses on family,” said Christain Wawro, a member of the BYU Young Ambassadors. “You follow a family as they take a road trip across America together.”

He said the family encounters many people and participates in high-energy songs and dances. They even take a trip to Broadway to see some of the latest hits.

“Though they were a strong family before, they are reminded over the course of the trip on how their family began,” Wawro said.

The BYU Young Ambassadors share a message of family through their “Welcome Home” performance. (Dani Jardine)

He said through the show, the family remembers why family is important and how it is strengthened through God’s plan.

Being able to share such messages about God is one of Wawro’s favorite parts of being a Young Ambassador. He many people are even introduced to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints through the Young Ambassadors.

“We are inviting others to find increased happiness in their families and in Christ,” Wawro said.

Wawro said one of the most challenging parts of being in the show was the rehearsal schedule. He said the group started rehearsals for the show at the beginning of Fall Semester, all while performing in other states and teaching performance workshops at elementary schools.

“It definitely takes a lot of time and can be physically and mentally demanding, but the payoff is well worth it,” Wawro said.

BYU Young Ambassador Hanna Cutler said the show is about “prioritizing things in life that will bring you true happiness.

Cutler said the most challenging part of the show for her was the costume changes.

“You never get a rest during the whole hour and a half,” Cutler said. “You can miss your entrance if you get distracted for any amount of time backstage.”

Hanna Cutler
BYU Young Ambassador Hanna Cutler performs “Singin’ in the Rain.” (Hanna Cutler)

One of Cutler’s solos in the show was “Singin’ in the Rain.” She said they adapted the song to be a love story, complete with umbrellas and tap dancing. Her other solo was in “Shoeless Joe” — one of her favorite songs of the show “because it’s so energetic,” Cutler said.

“I have a blast running around the stage and getting to be ‘one of the guys,'” Cutler said.

Young Ambassador member Jessica Jensen said the show reminds people they are part of something much bigger than just themselves.

“Families and relationships are the things that matter most,” Jensen said.

Jensen said her favorite part of the show was the finale. She said it was a time for the company to testify of families and the gospel.

“I feel like I just get to take the last few moments of the show to just talk with the audience and love them,” Jensen said.

The music from “Welcome Home” has been recorded and released on all major music streaming platforms.

For performance schedules and more information on the BYU Ambassadors, visit the group’s website.

The BYU Young Ambassadors are also holding auditions on March 26 through 30, 2018. For more information or to schedule an audition, contact the BYU Richards Building Music Office at (801) 422-2563.

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