Police Beat: Jan. 22-29










Jan. 22 – A student reported a $200 bicycle stolen from Heritage Halls.  

Jan. 23 – A student reported a missing backpack totaling $600 of property missing from the Joseph F. Smith Building.

Jan. 23 – A female student reported a load of clothing, worth $200, missing from the laundry at Helaman Halls.

Jan. 23 – A student reported a backpack worth $550 stolen from the MTC. The backpack was later found in the MTC custodial office. Police said a student took the wrong backpack by mistake and returned it upon discovering their mistake.

Orem/Provo Area


Jan. 22 – Two men were reported to police after allegedly attempting to steal merchandise from Kohls. The two were apprehended by police later that day because of an expired car registration. One suspect is reported to have a previous arrest warrant and the other suspect was reported to be carrying meth.

Jan. 22 – Police found a 17-year-old boy driving a stolen vehicle after he fled the scene of a two-car accident on 800 North he is said to be involved with. Police said another stolen vehicle in Sandy and another minor are linked with the case.

Jan. 22 – Orem police recovered a stolen vehicle after the suspect could be identified by police. The vehicle was reported stolen on Dec. 5.  

Jan. 22 – Two vehicles were reported stolen over the weekend as they were warming up. Police recovered one of the vehicles after a brief pursuit.

Jan. 22 – Police caught a man attempting to swap his bike tires with another bike’s. Police said the suspect had heroin.


Jan. 22 – Police arrested a suspect at the Orem Walmart after responding to reports of suspicious activity and finding the suspect had marijuana, meth, stolen property and paraphernalia. The suspect also had a warrant out for their arrest.

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