LDS Church publishes statement on DACA

Ty Mullen
A DACA protester holds a sign outside the Utah State Capitol Building. The LDS Church released a statement on DACA this morning.(Ty Mullen)

The LDS Church called for policies that “provide hope and opportunities” for “Dreamers” in a statement issued this morning.

“They have built lives, pursued educational opportunities and been employed for years based on the policies that were in place,” the statement reads. “These individuals have demonstrated a capacity to serve and contribute positively in our society, and we believe they should be granted the opportunity to continue to do so.”

The statement also acknowledged that immigration is “a complex and sometimes divisive issue” and said every country has the right to “enforce its laws and secure its borders.”

“Each nation must determine and administer its policies related to immigration,” according to the statement. “The church does not advocate any specific legislative or executive solution.”

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