5 things every BYU student hates


Even though BYU is one of the best schools in the nation, there are still a couple things universally dreaded on campus. Here’s a look at five of the most disliked parts of being a BYU student.

1.) The Testing Center

Long testing center lines stretch across campus. (Ryan Turner)

The BYU testing center is the largest college testing center in the United States. Although the testing center website states there are several advantages to having a central testing center on campus, the average BYU student will tell you horror stories of long lines, anxiety filled rooms and forgetting to have that mandatory no. 2 pencil on hand.


2.) The RB Stairs

Photo by Tommy Higham

It’s 7:50 a.m. and your class starts in ten minutes. No problem right? Until you realize you have to hike up these bad boys. The RB stairs are the barrier that divides upper campus from the few buildings down below (the SAB, the RB and the Smith Field house). Unfortunately as you’ll find out later in our list, thousands of students have to walk up these stairs every day simply because there is no where else to park. Hope you brought your oxygen mask!





3.) American Heritage

Accessed from the BYU American Heritage Website.

Unless you’re one of the lucky few transfer students who has the credits already, all BYU students are required to take American Heritage. The three-credit course is known for its difficulty and memorization, and since everyone has to take it we all feel each others pain.

4.) The BYU Parking Situation

Photo by Chris Bunker

Because of the current parking lots on campus parking can be a nightmare, especially if you’re running late for a class. In 2014 BYU started charging parking in every lot on campus in an effort to encourage students to walk or ride bikes to school, but the problem remains.

5.) No Spring Break

Meme created by Jefferson Jarvis, via imgflip.com

Last year BYU announced that there would finally be a spring break. But don’t get too excited, instead of the usual week off that constitutes a spring break, BYU students are now rewarded with 24 hours of freedom before it’s back to school.




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