Sherrie Hall Everett candidate for Provo mayor

Sherrie Hall Everett
Sherrie Hall Everett is one of the candidates running for Provo mayor. Everett hopes to create a community that is “better than ever.” Everett said this race isn’t about having a woman as mayor, but it is about having the best person for the job. (Sherrie Hall Everett)

“I got involved as a citizen, and I stayed involved,” Sherrie Hall Everett said about her interest in working in the community.

Everett said she is passionate about creating a community that will provide jobs now and for generations to come, clean air to breathe and places to enjoy within the community, essentially providing a place where children and grandchildren can enjoy living.

“Someone did it for us, and that’s why we like living here. We have a responsibility and obligation to do it well for future generations,” Everett said.

Everett said she is running for Provo mayor to continue the legacy Mayor John Curtis established for Provo.

“I don’t want to lose that momentum, that energy and that understanding of what it takes to keep that going. I didn’t see anyone else who stepped into this race that shared that vision, so that’s why I’m running,” Everett said.


Founder of CreativeStream, an advertising and marketing agency, Everett said her business and marketing background gave her experience in working with various key players in a community and taught her how to solve problems. Everett has extensive experience regarding transportation, a topic she hopes to address in her period as mayor.

Everett currently serves as co-vice chair of Utah Transit Authority (UTA), is a member of the Transit-Oriented Communities Committee and is UTA’s representative for Mountainland Association Council of Governments (MA-COG). She has also served on Provo’s Vision 2030 Steering Committee and the Airport Board.

The Daily Herald’s editorial story on Everett selects her as the “most prepared, the most knowledgeable and the most proactive” candidate for Provo mayor in addressing “major issues like housing, 820 North traffic, west side growth, taxes, transit and smart economic development.”

Key platform points

Everett’s campaign for office includes stimulating smart economic growth that keeps taxes and fees low. She said she hopes to achieve this through:

  • Bringing in more revenue: Everett will bring in more revenue to Provo by developing the west side. She said she will accomplish this by expanding the airport and creating development patterns for the long-term viability of the area.
  • Rebalancing: Through retaining local agriculture and farming, protecting conservation easements and working with housing and marketing, Everett said she hopes to bring continued prosperity and balance to Provo. Everett also recognizes that this includes understanding the financing and economics that go with the housing issue.

What BYU students should know

Everett said she is willing and ready to interact with citizens and students. Everett hopes students will participate in their community and join in on the conversation. Educating and empowering the community to find solutions and participate in their community is a key part of Everett’s campaign.

Everett said she will help improve parking, transit and housing, and that she hopes to maintain communication with the students in the area to help create a community Provo citizens want.

Getting involved in community government and communicating with neighborhood leaders is important to her. Everett said she hopes to create Facebook live events for citizens and students in the area to sit down and discuss things that are important to them.

“We want this community to be better than ever,” Everett said.

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