Police Beat: September 4-11




Sept. 4 – An individual reported a secure vehicle burglarized at Wyview Park on-campus single and married student housing.

Sept. 4 – An individual reported an unsecured vehicle at Wyview rifled through. Nothing was stolen.


Sept. 5 – An individual reported a threatening message received through social media.



Sept. 4 – A homeless man was arrested for cutting another man’s neck in an attack near East Bay Golf Course.



Sept. 9 – A man was arrested for starting a fire that damaged a dumpster, fence and car. The Provo Fire Department extinguished the blaze.

Disorderly Conduct

Sept. 10 – A drunken man repeatedly called the police station, claiming to be in the U.S. illegally from Argentina and asking to be deported. He was arrested after not complying with requests to stop calling.

Sept. 10 – Officers responded to a man being disorderly at a T-Mobile store. He was arrested on warrants and new charges.


Sept. 10 – A man was arrested at a local hotel for possession of marijuana and some paraphernalia.


Sept. 4 – Officers responded to a loud music complaint at Midtown 360 Luxury Apartments. When the owner, who was celebrating his wedding with guests, refused to comply with police requests, the officers issued tickets and a car of drunken party patrons drove away. The car was stopped and the driver was arrested for DUI.

Sept. 4 – A man was arrested for DUI after involvement in an accident on 1190 N.

Sept. 10 – Officers responded to a report of a drunken woman causing problems in her home. She drove away before officers arrived, but when officers came back to the home, she was arrested for DUI.


Sept. 4 – A woman was renting out her apartment and was contacted by someone in Guam. When a check arrived in the mail, the woman deposited part of it in her bank account and sent the rest to another account. The bank removed the entire amount because the check was bad.


Sept. 4 – A woman returned home and found a man standing in her driveway. The man said “I’m sorry,” and rode away on a bike. Officers responded and found the home burglarized.

Sept. 4 – A man was cited for stealing property from Shopko.

Sept. 4 – A local hotel was robbed by a man wearing a ski mask and armed with a handgun.

Sept. 6 – A man was arrested after stealing a car from the Timpanogos Regional Hospital parking lot and crashing it several blocks away.

Sept. 10 – A home was burglarized near 1100 W. 1200 S.

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