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Since I am attending college part time, I am looking for a job. What makes the best part-time job for a student?

Any question about work is relevant for all students. Over 70% of college students have worked while attending school. Half of these jobs were on campus. As tuition has risen steadily, more students find themselves in part-time jobs to earn money for school. However, the old adage no longer holds, you cannot work your way through school anymore. The statistics show over 70% of students graduate with debt from student loans. Clearly, many use the loans to finance the gap between tuition and income from part-time work.

Whatever part-time work you find at college will be subject to a number of considerations. The location must be near campus obviously, but owning a car increases your options. Your class schedule restricts your choices, but many jobs offer weekend or evening shifts. If you seek relevant work experience, try to find something in your chosen field.

Economy-sharing positions are always available through several websites, such as pet caring/walking, driving or car sharing, child care, cleaning and errand running, gardening and general handyman. At least you control the times you work and variety of tasks you perform. We have a ready source of quality temp employees, says management at a flooring manufacturer. We give students a comfortable place to study, so they are here when needed.

There are plenty of local businesses around the college, so apply to those that interest you. These will typically have a long history of hiring college students. Owners may have their choice of applicants, so find a business that matches your hobbies or skills. Knowledge of photography, cycling, fitness or fashion will be a perfect match with many stores offering these products or services in the area. You often get an extra benefit of free access or employee discount, which is worthwhile at a health club or boutique.

Check out an evergreen source of jobs in the food service industry. Waitresses, barista and bartenders are typical college jobs. Catering jobs require more experience, but offer better pay.

Many consider a job using your computer the gold standard. Working from home at flexible hours will mesh with any student schedule. Positions include admin assistant, marketing and sales intern, blogger, graphic designer, or research assistant. Our company has frequently hired students for blogging and social media. It is a successful recruiting tool, with a couple of students joining us full time, reports an online marketplace for wholesale distributors.

There are benefits from working part time, beyond a paycheck. Working and studying demands discipline and time management. You are also part of a team and learn to interact in a business environment. This may be the first time you had a manager, learning how to follow orders and meet expectations These can be harsh lessons that will be invaluable later.

When you leave your job, you want to have a network of employees, clients, managers, suppliers, etc. that may be valuable after college. When you are job hunting, potential employers do not want teacher references, but past employers.

You have a part-time job and that’s better to no job at all

Dan Quayle, former U.S. Vice President.

Written by John Regan, former Director of Sales, for equity research.

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