Dorm room discourse


I use all the favs: FB, YT. My ?4U is there a SRS benefit from publishing a college blog? Its seems like a vanity project. PLMK.

Your question reveals the answer. Do you communicate like that in college papers, or expect to use this jargon at work? There are numerous, valuable reasons to create your own blog, while still a student. You, in particular, should pay attention.

Blogging gives you the opportunity to develop your writing skills, which will benefit you in school and your career. The typical college paper is a rehash of what you read. Once online, you learn to communicate with others users. You instantly receive feedback on your written content. Plus, you see how others have written about the same topic.

Your blog should be about sharing your knowledge to help or guide other people. Many of your readers at college will have similar interests. Try to establish yourself as a blog expert in a particular field. Being a go-to source for an enjoyable article or advice enables you to build a network of people that share your interests.

Thinking ahead to employment, your blog is an on-going resume, constantly being updated. It demonstrates to potential employers that you are dedicated, respected by other bloggers and able to communicate.

Your skills will grow beyond writing, by learning technical skills: HTML, PHP, databases and graphic design. To market your blog, you are also introduced to search engine optimization and other social media. If your blog becomes established, Google ads are ubiquitous on every popular site.

There is no end of websites and blogging platforms to choose. Most of them are free, with WordPress currently powering around 27 percent of the entire internet.

“Blogging is a conversation, not a code,” –Mike Butcher.

Written by Jacob Maslow, the founder and editor of Legal Scoops.




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