Students share favorite date ideas


Provo and Orem, sandwiched between two college campuses, are packed full of young adults who are single and ready to mingle. Students shared with The Daily Universe which date ideas they prefer and why.

Getting creative

BYU computer science alumna Chloe Sumsion said the glass blowing classes at Thanksgiving Point’s Holdman Studios is the perfect fit for a date.

“The guys will have fun because you get to look in the huge furnace, and it’s just crazy how hot it looks in there,” Sumsion said. “But then from the girl’s standpoint it’s like, ‘I’m making a flower.’ It was a cool experience and definitely a memorable date idea.”

Sumsion also said it was a two-for-one because Holdman Studios doubles as a sort of museum.

“They have a ton of their other glass creations on display, and so it’s kind of like walking around a museum at the same time,” Sumsion said. “While we were waiting for everyone to get out of there, we were just looking over at all of this other cool glass stuff.”

Another creative date is making soap at The Soap Factory on center street, BYU accounting student Zach Brady said.

Brady, who went there recently on a date, said it was a great experience and a great date idea because it doesn’t requires too much focus, allowing you to interact with your date while still doing something fun.
“It was so good. The people are really nice and really helpful,” Brady said. “It’s fun because it’s not too interactive so you can start talking to people.”

Problem solving

Recent BYU alumnus Todd Fluckiger said Getout Games are a great way to get to know your date and work together to practice problem-solving skills.

Danielle Jardine
Todd Fluckiger goes to Getout Games with friends on a date. He said practicing problem-solving skills together is a good way to see another person’s personality. (Danielle Jardine)

“It was fun seeing everyone’s personalities,” Fluckiger said.  “I feel like you get to know people more because it’s a stressful situation sometimes, and people’s real personalities come out.”

Going outside

UVU student Alfonso Zamarripa said he loves to go on dates in the canyon for the beautiful scenery and fun outdoor activities.

“I love walking the trails in Provo Canyon,” Zamarripa said. “My favorite is the waterfall trail at Bridal Veil Falls. It’s relaxing, and you are surrounded by nature.”

Zamarripa said hiking is a great way to get rid of distractions and get to know someone in a beautiful and relaxed environment.

“I enjoy having the time to talk and forget about stress,” Zamarripa said.

Fluckiger said he prefers rock climbing in Rock Canyon.

“Rock climbing is fun because you have to trust your date,” Fluckiger said.

Rock climbing is also a fun group date because it provides a chance to chat, Fluckiger said.

“You can’t really talk to each other when you’re on the wall, so it’s more of a group thing,” Fluckiger said. “When the other couple is climbing on the wall, you can talk to your date down on the ground.”

Sharing talents

UVU student Emily Bell said sharing a skill or talent can be a great way to get to know someone.

Bell went on a date last summer with a photographer friend, who took her to the canyon to shoot astrophotography at night.

Danielle Jardine
Emily Bell said she loved taking pictures with her date because she got to share her talents and learn from her date. (Danielle Jardine)

“It’s fun when someone really knows what they’re doing, and you can listen to them share their passion for something,” Bell said. “I don’t know why, but people tend to really open up when they’re looking up at the stars.”

Bell said she is an avid photo hobbyist, and taking the time to share this skill with her date and learn and improve her interests with him made for a fun experience.

“I loved the simplicity of the date because it’s not like we did all this fancy, crazy stuff,” Bell said. “It was just lying out under the stars, setting up, showing me how all the camera settings worked at night and then waiting as the pictures took, which gave us a lot of time to sit and chat.”

UVU pharmacy student Britta Gotberg said she enjoys getting frozen yogurt on dates. (Danielle Jardine)

Eating out

UVU pharmacy student Britta Gotberg said she enjoys food dates that are different than the typical dinner and a movie. She said she has been on dates where they went to get frozen yogurt or took a picnic in the canyon.

“I liked how the (frozen yogurt) was small but spontaneous, and it was kind of private so you could get to know the other person,” Gotberg said. “The picnic was great because it was super private, but you could talk for a while with no distractions.”

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