Eight ways to use Find My Friends


BYU student Kayla Richards looked down at her phone. She couldn’t get in touch with her husband Spencer, so she decided to open her Find My Friends app to see if he was OK. She liked having the option of checking on him when he wasn’t answering his phone.

The app told Kayla that Spencer was at home, so she relaxed. He called her back a few minutes later.

Find My Friends is a smartphone app that allows users to easily locate friends and family using GPS locators. Many different versions are compatible with both Apple and Android products.

Here are eight different ways to use the app.

1. Save time by skipping that “where are you?” call

Utah State University student Kati Murphy uses Find My Friends to eliminate unnecessary calls or texts.

“I use it to see where my family and friends are, rather than having to text and ask them,” Murphy said.

Heber City, Utah, resident Tiffany Harmon said she likes to see where her husband is so she knows if it’s okay to call him.

“I use it to see if Scott’s left work yet,” Harmon said. “So if he’s still at work, I don’t call him.”

2. Hook it up to your thermostat

Orem resident Kayla Ivie said she uses Find My Friends to control the temperature in her home.

“We use it for our Ecobee thermostat,” Ivie said. “It tracks when we leave and (when we) are home. We can set it to a certain temperature for when we’re home and when we’re gone.”

Find My Friends is the family and friend tracker app available on iOS. There are many different versions that are compatible with both Apple and Android products. (Apple)


3. Follow your spouse’s or roommate’s commute

BYU alum Ashley Berg said she also checks on her husband using the app.

“I use it to see if my husband has left work yet, or on bad weather days to see if he made it to work,” Berg said.

BYU graduate Spencer Mecham said he also uses it to keep track of his wife’s whereabouts when he can’t reach her.

4. See if your friends are hanging out without you

UVU alum Ty Mair said he finds his friends with the app sometimes without their knowledge.

“I use it to make sure (my friends) aren’t lying to me about where they are when I want to hang out,” Mair said.

5. Find your lost phone

According to Orem resident Jordyn Reyes, many people use the Find My Friends app as a tracking device for their own phones.

“When I’m at my parents’, usually my mom will ask me to look at Find My Friends to see if she left her phone at work, or the store, etc.,” Reyes said.

6. Track everyone’s location when traveling caravan-style

Leann Teig, from Springville, Utah, said she uses the app when on road-trips with several cars. She said it is very convenient for keeping track of everyone.

“Whenever we go somewhere as a big family with multiple cars, like with all my husband’s siblings, we’ll share our location with each other to see where everyone is,” Teig said.

7. Use it as a bridesmaid or groomsman

Southern Utah University student Tori Hudgens said she uses Find My Friends as a bridesmaid.

“You can share your location temporarily for a day with specific people, so the bridesmaids can tell where the bride is when she’s taking pictures or something like that,” Hudgens said.

8. Set notifications

BYU student Emily Bartholomew said she sets a special notification directly on her app.

“I have used it to notify me when out-of-state friends come back home so I can see them,” Bartholomew said.

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