Police Beat: March 20-27




March 13 – A student reported an unsecured bike being taken from the bike racks near the Jesse Knight Building. The bike is worth $200.

March 17 – A student reported a bicycle secured with a cable lock taken from the bike racks at Helaman Halls. The bike was worth $2,000.

March 18 – A student reported a $24 bicycle light taken from a bike parked in the racks near Heritage Halls.

March 18 – A visitor reported an unsecured backpack worth $25 taken from the cafeteria at the Missionary Training Center.

March 18 – A visitor reported an unsecured backpack taken from the Missionary Training Center. The backpack and items inside were valued at $35.

March 21 – A student reported a seat taken from a mountain bicycle parked at the Jesse Knight Building. The seat was worth $30. The suspect has been arrested.

March 21 – A BYU employee reported a popcorn machine taken from the Ellsworth Building. The machine is valued at $152.

March 27 – A student was arrested by a BYU officer in connection with several bike thefts on campus.


March 20 – A male student reported harassment due to an event via social media. The suspects are two male students.


March 13 – A female student reported a simple assault during a social gathering at Wyview Park. The suspect was a male student.



March 22 – Detectives are investigating a burglary at the Mercado 5 De Mayo Market. Two suspects in dark clothing broke through the front door of the market at 2 a.m. and pried open a safe. The suspects took an undisclosed amount of money from the safe and fled in a black Dodge Charger.

March 25 – A man was seen on security cameras placing a suspicious case near the door to the Provo Police and Fire Dispatch Center. Police evacuated the building and dispatch functions were temporarily transferred to the Orem Police Department. Bomb disposal officers used a remote-controlled robot and scanning device to examine and remove the case. The case was transported out of the city in a blast containment vessel for safe handling and disposal. The suspect is unknown. Examination revealed that the items in the case were not an explosive device, but a collection of materials belonging to a transient woman who used the covered stairwell to store her property during the rain.



March 19 – A man and woman were arrested after they were caught shoplifting at Target.

March 19 – A woman called after she left her purse in a cart at Target. Someone had taken it. Officers are reviewing video surveillance.

March 22 – A woman was cited after she was caught shoplifting at Hobby Lobby.


March 19 – Officers responded to an injury accident at 400 N. 400 West. One of the cars involved had rolled onto its side. The driver of that car was arrested for DUI. No one was seriously hurt, although some were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.


March 19 – Officers responded to a report of a naked man running into traffic and jumping onto cars at 1400 N. 1200 West. When officers arrived, the man refused to obey officers’ orders. At one point, he ran at the officers, who tased the man. He was taken into custody and found to be only 16 years old. He admitted to recently taking ecstasy. He was released to his parents after being seen at the hospital.


March 22 – An officer stopped a man riding a homemade motorized scooter down the road. The man was found in possession of meth and also had several warrants out for his arrest. He was taken to jail.

March 22 – An officer stopped a car for not having a license plate. An officer searched the car and found meth, marijuana and pills.

March 22 – An officer stopped a vehicle and found that one of the passengers had four warrants out for his arrest. The man had not shown up for his court hearings, so he was arrested. An officer searched the man and found meth, drug paraphernalia and a stolen credit card. The man was taken to jail.


March 22 – An officer stopped two people riding their longboards down the middle of the road. One of the men lied about his name, fled on foot, and was caught and arrested.

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