Police Beat: March 13-20




March 11 – A visitor to the Marriott Center reported a missing laptop. After pinging the locator, it was determined the laptop had been left at home.

March 14 – A student reported a $100 bicycle secured with a cable lock taken from the University Parkway Center.

March 14 – A student reported a front wheel of a bicycle was taken at Wyview Park. The wheel was worth about $150.

March 15 – A student reported a bicycle taken from the bike racks near the Kimball Tower. The bike is estimated to be worth $300.

Criminal mischief

March 14 – A BYU employee reported that the Y trailhead sign had been spray painted with dots. The cost of damages was around $50.

March 15 – A resident assistant reported that eggs were thrown against the outside wall of Jay Hall at Helaman Halls.


March 9 – A student requested assistance in escorting people off the fields during scheduled intramural events at the Indoor Practice Facility.

March 9 – A student reported that other students were on the roof of the Joseph F. Smith Building. It was determined the students were on the patio and there were no problems in the area.

March 11 – A student reported that a couple walked into a rugby game when the ticket taker was not on duty. Officers contacted the couple for the tickets.

Domestic violence

March 10 – A student reported an argument and assault between a couple at the Life Sciences Building.



March 15 – Provo police dispatch received calls nonstop for several hours reporting a fire emergency just south of the University Avenue southbound on-ramp. The fire was a permitted agriculture burn.

Homicide/armed robbery

March 14 – Officers are investigating a fatal shooting near 100 N. 400 West. Suspects went to a man’s home to commit an armed robbery. During the robbery, a man was fatally injured by a single gunshot wound. Four suspects connected to the investigation have been taken into custody.



March 15 – An officer stopped a car and saw the front passenger hiding something under the seat. After a quick check, he found a marijuana brownie.

March 16 – A homeowner reported the smell of burnt marijuana. Police talked to the other tenants of the home, who admitted to smoking marijuana. The marijuana was confiscated and the people were cited.


March 16 – Orem officers assisted Provo officers in an injury accident. One of the drivers involved was arrested for DUI.

Domestic violence

March 16 – A man tried to kick his wife out of the house. When the woman tried to call police officers, her husband took her phone away. The man was arrested.

Disorderly conduct

March 16 – A motorcycle hit the front of a car as the car turned from 100 West to 800 North. The driver of the motorcycle was thrown off and suffered several broken bones and cuts. He was taken to a local hospital.


March 16 – An officer tried to stop a bullet bike that was popping wheelies and speeding on Center Street at 3 a.m. The driver of the bullet bike looked over his shoulder and sped up. He went south on Geneva Road at over 100 mph. At one point, he tried to hop the curb at a church building and bent both wheels. The driver was arrested and taken to jail for fleeing.

Warrant arrest

March 15 – An officer saw a car being driven by a man he knew had some felony warrants. When he stopped the car, the driver took off on foot. The man was arrested.


March 15 – An employee from a local business was cited after he was caught using gift cards that didn’t belong to him.


March 15 – A stolen trailer was recovered near 600 S. 1200 West.

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