Modern nail trends make a point


Pointed nails, gel nail polish and nail art are manicure trends that have become popular over the last few years.

“Manicures have changed so much in the last few years,” according to Liz Henson, a nail technician at Sola Salon in Orem. “French manicures used to be one of the biggest things people would have done at a nail salon. While french tip is still popular and probably always will be, more people are now leaning toward more color and more nail art when they get their nails done.”

Sola Salon nail technician Liz Henderson helps clients show their personality and style through their manicures. (Liz Henson)

Henson said she has noticed two big trends among her clients lately.

“Nail art is huge in the industry right now, and is probably one of the biggest trends,” Henson said. “Most of my clients come to me because they want nail art. Another big trend right now is the long stiletto, almond and coffin shape nails. They’re so fun to do and can totally give nails a more elongated look.”

BYU nursing student Whitney Dahl said gel nails are another manicure trend she’s seen pop up over the last few years. According to Essie, gel nail polish is different from regular polish because it requires being cured under an LED or UV light. This dries the polish quickly and creates a bond to the nail, lasting up to two weeks.

“I like (gel nails) because they stay on longer,” Dahl said. “But I’ve also heard that the light is bad for your skin. So I think I probably wouldn’t do it all the time, but I like it better than regular nail polish because it lasts longer, and that’s better for what you pay.”

Nail art and gel nail polish are popular manicure trends in Provo at the moment. (Liz Henson)

The stiletto or almond nail trend is also a growing trend, but BYU human development student Jordan Coleman said she isn’t a big fan of the pointy trend.

“I don’t like nails that are super long,” Coleman said. “I don’t mind if they’re a little long, but unnatural-looking I don’t really like. They’re like claws.”

No matter the preferred nail shape or color, Henson said some factors, no matter what type of manicure the client is looking for. She said nail technicians have their own unique opinion of what’s most important. Henson said she believes in making sure everything is perfect before any polish goes on.

“Being clean and careful is one of the most important things when it comes to a good manicure,” Henson said. “But one of the biggest things for me is that you want good prep work. Prepping the nail bed correctly will make the biggest difference on how your gel or acrylic adheres to the nail and how long your nails will last.”

Despite changing nail trends, Coleman said the real attraction of manicures or pedicures is the “pampering” experience; the nail art or color is just a bonus. Coleman prefers pedicures and said it’s a nice way to relax.

“I really like how they look, but mostly I like the experience,” Coleman said. “I like the different elements of it, like how they massage your feet. It’s really relaxing and a fun treat.”

Getting their nails done is one way for women to feel more feminine and put together, according to Henson. She said it’s a fun way to be unique with personality, and all the new nail trends make the possibilities almost endless.

“Nail art is by far my favorite thing to do,” Henson said. “It’s gotten more and more popular lately, and I love when my clients bring in different pictures to challenge me and push me out of my comfort zone.”

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