Alex Boye helps students find true love in BYU ad


A BYU ad was released this week featuring singer Alex Boye and various BYU students.

BYU Office of Information Technology came out with the ad to put focus on BYU Campus Operators and the services it provides for students.

The ad begins with a description of who the BYU Campus Operators are and goes on to show Boye as one of the operators. He gets a call from a student commenting “maybe you can help me find true love.”

Divine Comedy veteran Tori Pence stars in the BYU Campus Operators ad as a lovesick student. (BYU Campus Operators ad screenshot)

This comment kickstarts Boye’s musical performance part of the ad.

The ad continues to show students asking for help from BYU Campus Operators concerning their dating lives. Divine Comedy veteran Tori Pence is also featured in the ad as a lovesick student seeking help from BYU Campus Operators.

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