Students score discounts with student IDs

Ari Davis
BYU students Nathan Sherman and Joshua Spackman go to Brick Oven to use their student loyalty card. (Ari Davis)

Students can use their ID cards for a lot more than just checking out books or taking tests. Many large companies like J.Crew, Banana Republic and Topshop offer discounts to students who show their student ID card.

Some local businesses also offer student discounts. BYU business student Joshua Spackman said the Wynnsong movie theater in Provo offers discounts for students with an ID card. Because of this, it has become the theater he attends the most.

“I use it at the theater all the time.” Spackman said. “I choose to go to (Wynnsong) over other movie theaters because I know that it’s going to be cheaper for me there.”

Wynnsong isn’t the only cheap theater in Provo. Cinemark Movies 8, a dollar theater on University Parkway, also offers a discount for students. BYU theatre major Mariah Emas said it is a great way to get a deal on something that’s already a good price.

Entertainment isn’t the only area where a student ID card can score students a discount. Business major Nathan Sherman said he enjoys using the student discount at Brick Oven. They have a student loyalty card that allows students to get good prices on pizza when they come and pick it up.

Student discounts are also available to help make students’ love life more affordable. Popular date destinations like the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium offer a discount to students who show their college ID card.

Discounts aren’t found just in brick-and-mortar stores, though. Amazon offers a student version of Amazon Prime, which offers free two-day shipping on purchases. The online clothing store ASOS also offers student discounts on all purchases.

For students looking to travel outside of the country, any student under 30 years of age qualifies for the International Student Identification Card. The card is the only internationally recognized student ID and provides discounts on admission fees, accommodations and food throughout the world. Eurail, the major train system operating throughout Europe, offers a student pass that will let students travel to several different countries via train on a discount.

While there are many options to find student discounts, students don’t always remember to try and use their ID to get a deal. Spackman said he rarely remembers he might get a student discount and doesn’t often ask unless someone else has told him that a certain business offers one. Sherman said that knowing about discounts can make students get out and frequent certain places more.

“I think when you know about and use a student discount, it’s an incentive to go more,” Sherman said.

Receiving student discounts is something that can only be done for a short period, and is something that students should try to take advantage of while they can, Emas said. She said she doesn’t always think about checking if there’s a discount available.

“For me personally, I’m super broke,” Emas said. “My parents might be willing to help a little, but I really want to be out on my own and it’s nice to have a discount on things.”

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