Police Beat: Jan. 6-16




Jan. 6 – An individual reported a DVD player taken from the JKB.

Jan. 10 – Someone reported a vehicle stolen from the visitor lot near the J. Reuben Clark Law building. Officers checked the lot and found the vehicle parked further east in the lot from where the individual thought it had been parked.

Jan. 10 – An individual reported a laptop taken from the lobby of the Tanner building. The laptop was later turned in to a faculty member and returned to the owner. 



Jan. 11 – A Provo man was arrested by Orem police officers on reports of squatting in an apartment for several days and assaulting the tenant when the tenant returned home. A couple returned home from their honeymoon to find the two suspects in their apartment. The two men left, but soon returned and became confrontational with the tenant. The suspects shoved one of the tenants to the bed and began assaulting him violently. Police reports state that the tenant was later admitted to the hospital with a broken eye socket and will require surgery. One suspect was arrested and faces charges of a first-degree felony of aggravated burglary, a third-degree felony of aggravated assault and a class B misdemeanor of assault.



Jan. 6 – A box of checks was stolen from a mailbox in West Jordan. One of the checks was passed at Smith’s in Orem. Follow up is being done by Orem Police Department detectives.

Jan. 6 – Two men stole a generator from Emergency Essentials. They fled on foot with the generator. An Orem police officer was able to follow their footprints in the snow to a nearby home. He knocked on the door, arrested one suspect, cited the other and recovered the stolen generator.

Jan. 6 – An Orem car dealership reported a stolen vehicle. After viewing video surveillance, one of the officers recognized the suspect as someone he had arrested in the past. The officer sent the man a text to meet up at one of the hotels in Orem. When the suspect replied, the text showed that his phone was connected by Bluetooth to the stolen vehicle. When the suspect arrived at the hotel, he told the officer a friend dropped him off. A search of a nearby parking lot revealed the stolen vehicle. The man was arrested and the following were recovered after a full investigation: six stolen cars, meth, heroin, drug paraphernalia, and suspected stolen property from homes and cars.

Jan. 8 – A mattress purchased by a homeowner was reported stolen. The mattress was delivered in a box to the homeowner’s front door. A security camera was able to get a picture of the suspect, who was identified as a female because of her red fingernails in the security camera photo. Orem Police quickly posted the photo to Facebook. She has now been found.

Jan. 12 – An Orem officer stopped a vehicle that had been reported as stolen. The driver was also in possession of meth, heroin, paraphernalia, stolen credit cards and stolen ID’s.

Jan. 12 – A juvenile male was stopped after he was caught shoplifting at Zumiez in the mall.


Jan. 6 – A woman was contacted by phone claiming that her granddaughter had been arrested (the suspect claimed he was a police officer) and she needed a $2,000 Target gift card to get bailed out. The woman got the card and gave the “officer” the card number. Orem PD made a few calls and haven’t found any jails that accept Target gift cards as bail.

Jan. 12 – A woman went into WalMart with an old blanket. She folded it up, put it on the shelf and got a new blanket. She took the new blanket to customer service and returned it for a gift card which she then used to buy things. The woman was cited.

Drug Paraphernalia

Jan. 6 – An Orem police officer saw a car that had slid off the road. He stopped and helped the driver push his car out. While pushing the car out, the officer smelled weed. When they finally got his car out, the officer had a conversation with the man about his weed. The man gave it up and the officer wrote him a ticket.


Jan. 12 – An Orem police officer was driving on I-15 when a car passed him on the right in the emergency lane. He stopped the woman, who had been drinking. She was arrested for DUI.

Suspicious Activity

Jan. 6 – A man was on S. State Street at night with his pants pulled down. When Orem police officers responded, he was rubbing snow on himself. He was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

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