Police Beat Oct. 24 – 31




Oct. 24 — A male student reported his blue and gray Rallye bike stolen after he hadn’t seen it for two months. It was locked with a cable lock in Wymount Terrace and worth around $250.1


Oct. 24 — A man’s white truck was keyed at the Y trailhead. Cameras showed the suspect attempting to open the truck door with a screw, then keying it out of frustration. The case is still actively being followed up on.


Oct. 25 — An administrator at the BYU Broadcasting Building received harassing phone calls. Three were dead air calls and two had comments of a sexual nature.



Oct. 30 — Utah County Police are searching for a man wanted for identity theft after he used fake social security and residency cards to obtain employment.

Oct. 31 — Provo Police arrested a man after finding him passed out in a stolen vehicle and in possession of marijuana and stolen property from approximately eight people.


Oct. 30 — An exchange student from China and his 28-year-old host were found dead after they fell while hiking Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon.



Oct. 30 — Burglars entered a home through an unlocked garage door.

Oct. 30 — A man was arrested and taken to the police station after shoplifting from Ridley’s and found possessing methamphetamine.

Oct. 30 — Police are following up on a theft after a man and a woman fled Smith’s with a grocery cart full of unpaid groceries.

Oct. 30 — A couple was arrested after entering a residence and stealing property from the location while the owners were at a funeral.

Oct. 30 — A man was arrested after he was caught shoplifting from Gunnies and assaulting an employee while trying to leave the store.

Criminal mischief

Oct. 24 — A woman crashed into a parked car and was arrested for driving under the influence.

Oct. 25 — Police arrested a man who brought a gun to a fight at Orem High School. The fight took place earlier in the week, when one group showed up with baseball bats and the man with a gun shot at someone in the group.

Oct. 30 — After getting into a car accident, a woman was arrested for DUI. Orem Police say her blood alcohol level was well over three times the legal limit.

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