Police Beat Oct. 18 – 24



Criminal mischief 

Oct. 18 – University Police were contacted after a male overheard another male using obscene and vulgar language toward a driver in the Richard Building parking lot. When the male approached the culprit, he retaliated by using vulgar language toward him as well.

Oct. 21 – A bike locked with a cable lock was reported stolen from the bike racks near the Talmage Building.


Oct. 19 – A BYU electrician was notified the emergency button had been destroyed in an elevator of J Hall at Helaman Halls. The repair cost $80.


Oct. 17 – A male student either misplaced or lost his specialized mountain bike from the Joseph Knight Building or the Foreign Language Student Residence bike racks. The bike is worth $75.

Oct. 18 – A purse was stolen while a female student was loading groceries from the cart into the car at the Creamery on Ninth. The purse was left in the cart, and when she finished loading groceries and turned back to the cart, it was gone. The purse had several miscellaneous items in it, including credit cards valued at around $400.

Oct. 19 – A keyboard at the Missionary Training Center was taken from an employee’s cubicle. The estimated cost is $50.


Oct. 18 – Students were reported playing soccer on the second floor of the Life Science Building. They moved to a different location after police arrived.



Oct. 18 – Orem and Provo police worked together to find a woman who stole property from Gunnies and later pawned it.  Police arrested her and are now working to get the property back.


Criminal mischief 

Oct. 17 – Orem Police arrested a man for DUI after he kept swerving into the other lane.

Oct. 17 – Officers responded to a report of a family fight. They discovered that a juvenile forced his way into the apartment of two women. After yelling at him to leave, he ran out of the apartment onto State Street and was struck by a vehicle. After being hit, he stood up and took off all his clothes, which is how he was found. Police took him to a local hospital. He was on acid while committing the actions, and was charged with burglary, assault and intoxication.

Oct. 21 – A drunk man walked into a restaurant and started swearing at customers. He was escorted out by Orem Police. Police arrested him after finding him passed out on a grassy area off of University Parkway shortly after being escorted out of the restaurant.


Oct. 17 – A man ran into an Old Navy and ran out with a stack of 15 stolen pairs of jeans. Officers have information on him and describe him as “looking like Joey from Friends.”

Oct. 18 – An Orem home near 600 N. 800 West was burglarized after suspects climbed in through a window, ransacked the house, used drugs and stole property.

Oct. 18 – Orem Police are searching for stolen cars: a blue 2008 Toyota Corolla with Utah license plate E50 0ND, and a stolen black 2005 Honda Civic with Utah license plate.

Oct. 21 – A man paid a woman $200 for a massage at his apartment. After the massage, the woman demanded more money for extra work he wasn’t interested in. Upon refusal, the woman took off only after she snatched $300 from his dresser. Orem detectives are currently looking into the case.

Drug and paraphernalia

Oct. 21 – A woman was arrested in the parking lot of Wal-Mart after being found with meth and other drug paraphernalia.

Oct. 21 – Two men with warrants were arrested in the parking lot of Classic Skating after being found with drugs and paraphernalia.

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