Police Beat Oct. 11-17




Oct. 12 – A bike secured with a cable lock at Helaman Halls was stolen.

Oct. 12 – Possible fraud happened when an individual was trying to sell an item online.

Oct. 10 – A rear bag was stolen off of a parked bicycle.

Criminal mischief

Oct. 12 – Individuals were asked to leave the Wilkinson Center after trespassing and panhandling in the area.

Oct. 11 – Graffiti was reported to be in the patio area of Brigham Square. The grounds department was contacted to clean it up.



Oct. 17 – Provo police are actively seeking a man described as a “serial thief.” He has three warrants out for his arrest, one of which is for failing to show up at a mandatory court appearance.

Oct. 11 – A stolen vehicle was returned to its owner in Provo after being located by the Orem Police.

Criminal mischief 

Oct. 13 – A man arrested for decades of abuse of his wife appeared in court after being arrested again for violating his probation preceding release from jail.



Oct. 14 – Orem police were able to catch multiple individuals attempting to steal cars after citizens saw and reported them.

Oct. 12 – Police are working to recover stolen property from a music store after it was burglarized during the night.

Oct. 11 – A man attempted to steal $1,000 worth of items from Shopko. When approached, he dropped the items and took off in a car with stolen license plates. Orem police were able to easily identify the man because of the plates and he had shoplifted there before. They already knew who he was.

Criminal mischief 

Oct. 11 – A woman unintentionally shot herself in the leg after a hot piece of brass fell down her shirt, causing her to jump while learning to shoot a handgun. Police were contacted, and she was taken to the hospital and is expected to fully recover.

Drug paraphernalia 

Oct. 12 – A woman was taken to the police station after a K-9 sniffed out meth in her possession.

Oct. 11 – Individuals were cited by police after they were found “hot boxing” (smoking marijuana in a small location to maximize its effects).

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